W3rlds Wiki

What is W3rlds

W3rlds is a creator's driven platform to produce content, spaces and events for companies in the Metaverse

We democratize Metaverse building with our Ecosystem based on a native builder powered by an interoperable engine and a vibrant virtual-asset economy protocol that includes cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and smart contracts.

With W3rlds you can:

Create Virtual W3rlds and storefronts with a variety of engagement mechanics.
We provide tools to create unique spaces that can be designed and built to provide a variety of engagement mechanics and activities. Spaces then could combine into Areas and districts by using portals.
Transforming any assets to Metaverse-ready content
Arhead Content Item is a unique Phygital format to store, show and share content across the physical and digital world. Content can be represented both in AR (augmented reality) and as a digital asset inside the metaverse space.

Who is W3rlds for?

The platform has been built to democratize Metaverse creation.
From one side it's a huge community of artists, meta architects, and creative agencies.
From the other Companies, Entertainment and other people who want to bring new opportunities to themselves and their businesses.