๐Ÿ”ง0.10 Team profiles and portals

What's new

  • Portals between spaces Now creator can set up one-way portals between his own spaces. Users are also available to rename and delete portals.

  • Team profiles Global update of account and profile structures on the Creator app. Now you can create different team profiles and invite Arhead users to participate in the collaboration. See new features in Settings.

  • New emotions We've added seven new emotions to avatars. Try them by using 1 to 7 on your keyboard

  • Manual controls for content It is now easier to move rotate and scale content in spaces. We have added sliders to the navigation menu to fine tune the slots


  • [Improvement] Ability to upload and manage USDZ manually for the AR content

  • [Improvement] ะกorrect display of vertical images in the content card

  • [Fix] Involuntary movements of avatars under high space load

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