Augmented Reality

W3rlds platform allows the creation of web Augmented reality in a few clicks from 3D objects and scenes.

Functional requirements

We recommend creating content with the following options based on user experience:

  • Content dimensions from 10 centimeters to 6 meters (exceptions are allowed and discussed individually)

  • Animation duration average 15-20 sec

  • The file size limit is 10Mb per scene

Tech requirements


  • Formats: FBX, GLB

  • Textures no bigger than 2048ร—2048 pixels

  • Vertex/Polygon count 100ะบ or less


General guide: Models should be rigged. Blendshapes are not allowed

  • Bones in the skeleton should not fit into each other;

  • The number of bones should not exceed 80;

  • Bones of the skeleton must have a default scaling of 1 throughout the hierarchy;

  • Mesh skinned to the skeleton should also have a scaling equal to 1;

  • Changing the scale using animation on a skeleton with an already-skinned mod is available.

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