Creating Activities

Activities allow you to create different triggers and interactions between the player, space and assets, adding gamification to Worlds.

How does the editor work?

Activities work for all types of Assets you've uploaded in the Storage and Space editor.

The editor consists of 2 main components - Events and Actions. An Event could activate certain Actions. There can be several actions per Event.

Using such a tool you can create single or sequential events in space for any type of assets.

How to create an activity

  • In the Space editor select the Activities tab

  • Click Add new activity.

  • Enter the Activity name

  • Choose an Event that will activate Assets

  • Add Actions that will be triggered by the Event.

Event types

Activation of the animations is available by assigning a Tap property to the Event Asset.


We want to click on the Button in Space to open the Door.

  • Assign a Button as an Event and select TAP in the Activities editor.

  • Select Door as Action.

After saving you will see Tap to interact action in Space and by clicking the Door will be opened.

Type of Actions

Action is an Asset that will be affected by a certain Event.

To add the action you need to set up the following options

  • The Asset that will be triggered

  • Select the right Target as affecting option.

  • Choose the right Animation from the list

  • Select Playback for the Animation

Edit Activity

To edit the activity tap on the edit icon, and then choose new parameters.

Delete Activity

To delete an activity, choose the right Activity from the list, open it, and then tap on Delete Activity.

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