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0.21 Release notes

What's new

👉 Avatars section We've completely revamped our approach to working with avatars. CMS now has an avatars tab for each world. There you can upload your own custom avatars as much as you want. For each world is also available as a standard set of avatars that can be enabled or disabled. So the system has become more flexible and customizable for each case.
👉 New loading screen We've updated the loading screen to include the ability to select an avatar and name while you wait for the world to load.
👉 Performance An important part of the system is its stability and performance. Recent infrastructure upgrades have enabled us to increase the loading speed of content in the CMS and worlds by two times.
Fixes and improvements
  • [Improvement] Additional idle animations for Avatars
  • [Improvement] Ability to zoom objects in Content card preview
  • [Improvement] Updated information banner components for CMS