Managing Worlds

The world is a metaverse space where people interact. Space is a single project that includes content, avatars and portals.

To have the ability to create Worlds you need to have access to the Web CMS application.

Before uploading

Starting to create a space, we should determine the location of the main elements:

  • Spawn point - Place users to get started on their journey.

  • Content slot - Areas where 2D and 3D files will be placed. Typically we recommend having slots available between 15-50 pieces per Space.

    • The 2D slot should have free access in front of the work.

    • The 3D slot should have 360 access to work.

  • Portals - Place to set up 'doors' to other Spaces or between 2 points in the same space

This template will help you recognize how to name objects and materials in Blender.

The demo environment representing the asset pack is here W3rlds naming system demo

Use our Space optimization guide to prepare Space in the right way.

pageWorld optimization guide

This template will help you to realize how to name

Creating the World

How to create

  1. Select Worlds and tap on Create new world

  2. Upload the file

  3. Wait to finish uploading and editing World settings

Tech requirements

  • GLB and AHW formats are accepted.

  • Polygon count should be less than 200k per scene

  • No more than 150 objects per scene. Combine meshes together to reduce object count.

  • Textures size must be 1024x1024 px or less for each texture map.

  • Only diffuse and normal maps are supported.

  • All scene objects should have correct UV coordinates.

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