World optimization guide

This document for optimizing models to prepare them for loading on the W3rlds platform is provided for the Blender 3D.


After opening Blender, you need to evaluate which stages of the scene require improvement, depending on the stage in which the scene is. We will start with the concept because this stage is the most common. Before starting the model preparation, better to divide the scene into the following components:

  • Environment With subsections, if the objects are separate or can be divided in favor of reducing the number of polygons and the convenience of UV mapping.

    • Floor

    • Ceiling

    • Walls There may be additional separation (stairwells, etc.). If the scene is very large, it will be convenient to divide it into zones and process it in parts.

  • Props - furniture, decor and other small components that are included in the stage. It's better to break it up into groups.

  • Vegetation, if the scene includes trees, bushes and grass.

The following optimization steps are described in the document:

  • Redundant polygons and correct grid construction

  • Dimensions and positions of the object

  • Correct normal directions of the polygons

  • Smoothing groups and custom vertex normals

  • Setting up correct UVs (Tile, Lightmap, Detail)

  • Textures

  • Meshes names and groups

  • Material naming

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