Editing AR

Each AR content has general settings, banner setup and advanced customization for web viewer In the Creator app you can set up the following information:

  • Name This field will be used to show in storage as well as the title of the link.

  • Content files Uploaded and converted files system used to show through the viewer. You can easily change both of them.

  • Sound During AR playback you can assign a background sound using this field

  • Poster The image is shown during the AR file download. This is an optional field. If no image is uploaded, the system will generate a static preview.

Banner is a great activation option right inside the AR. The banner can be used as a way to navigate to a third-party site or purchase within Augmented reality.

The following options are available to fill out:

  • Title

  • Link to navigate on 3rd party site

  • Button name

  • Description

If no field is populated, the banner will not be displayed

Embed widget

The widget for embedding the AR viewer is located in the section header. By copying the code you can embed the viewer on any website by adjusting the size of the embed window.

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