Adding mobile version and advanced limitations

Advanced settings allow to manage mobile version of World, set up specific limitations and export a particluar world in AHW W3rlds format.

Manage Web mobile version

To make a mobile version of World available to launch from any mobile device through the browser there is a Mobile support section in Advanced Settings.

World for mobile version

To enable the mobile version we should upload the lightweight mobile version of World.

We recommend keeping the following limits for the GLB file:

  • GLB format is less than 10 MB in size.

  • Combine meshes in one for the entire space.

  • Textures size must be 256x256 px or less for each texture map.

  • Only diffuse and normal maps are supported.

  • All scene objects should have correct UV coordinates.

Hide slots on mobile

To improve the performance you can hide content slots and assets in the mobile version. It will not affect the desktop one.

Advanced limitations

Users per room

It is possible to set limits on the number of players per room to realize different scenarios within the space. The number of rooms is scaled automatically.

To make a single-player space select 1 on the slider. In this case, for every player, an independent room will be created.

Managing voice chat and nicknames

In some use cases, it is needed to deactivate voice chat. Use the checkbox to activate and deactivate this mode. Voice chat is enabled by default.

The same works for entering custom nicknames. If 'Disable custom nickname' is activated, then generic names will be assigned to every player.

Export World

Platform allows to export of custom-created Metaverse Worlds in the proprietary AHW file format. There are 2 options to include all the world assets, or export just empty space.

You can share the AHW file with others. They can then import the World on the platform.

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