💡0.20 Release notes

What's new

👉 Analytics module The platform continues to evolve toward B2B and we're presenting the Analytics module for Worlds and AR. The new system will provide real-time insights into the number of views, unique users and time spent in the spaces and AR. Available with a Business subscription.

👉 Attached content for Worlds In the CMS, you can see the content that is attached to a specific world. This makes asset management much easier. The module is located in the new tab 'Content' under each World.

👉 New design for avatar names and interactions We continue to update the user interface and move towards a minimalist design. In the new release, we have updated the avatar name and the object interaction system.

👉 Performance An important part of the system is its stability and performance. Recent infrastructure upgrades have enabled us to increase the loading speed of content in the CMS and worlds by two times.

Fixes and improvements

  • [Improvement] Sign-up confirmation message

  • [Improvement] Camera focus on 2D and 3D slots

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