🔧0.7 Continued usability improvements

What's new

  • Seamless auth for Creators Users logging into the cms system now stay logged in to the Worlds they created.

  • Autosave for Space editor We’ve recently updated user experience for Space editor and removed all 'Save buttons'. All actions in Space editor now Autosaved.

  • Seeding grass in Worlds

    Team has added a new shader of Grass. Available to seeding through naming in 3D editors.

  • Updated Profile settings Redesigned profile section is available in Creator app. Users can change their credentials and password.

  • Ability to upload a lightweight mobile metaverse version Creator can upload alternative simple version of the World for mobile devices. This feature available in Worlds settings of Creator app.


  • [Improvement] Avatars is glowing less and looking normal with the extreme Tri-light settings

  • [Improvement] Success banners are showing with any updates in the Creator app

  • [Improvement] Updated login pop-up and user scenarios in Esc menu

  • [Fix] Tutorial for web loader is now showing actual information

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