Automate Animations

The Activities editor allows you to create event chains and animation triggers. You can easily program activation and dependencies between the events and animations online.

The asset must contain at least one animation to create this type of activity.

Before you start creating an activity, make sure which animation is selected as the default animation. You can set up this in Assets -> Particular asset -> Default animation. There are at least 2 options: the static pose and the animation set that was within the Asset.

How to create an activity for Animation

  • In the Space editor Select the Activities tab

  • Click Add new activity.

  • Enter the Activity name

  • Choose an Event that will activate Assets

  • The Asset that will be triggered

  • Select Animation as aTarget.

  • Choose the right Asset Animation from the list

  • Select Playback for the Animation

Playback Options

There are several ways to play animations that are useful for different cases.


This type of playback is suitable for a one-time start of an animation that is played from start to finish. Each activation starts the animation over again. Recommend using with the Static pose default animation.


This playback is for a one-time stop of the animation. Recommend using with any dynamic Animation.


This playback type starts a looping animation. Each activation restarts the animation from the beginning. Recommend using with the Static pose default animation.


This playback allows you to start and stop the animation using the same event. Works with all types of default animation.

Creating complex event sequences

You can create multiple events by animating several objects in one Activity. To do this, several actions could be created inside one Activity for the event.


We need to automate Door opening using a button. The button should also use animation when pressed.

  • Assign an asset Button as an Event and select TAP in the Activities editor.

  • Add the asset Door as Action and choose door open animation with the playback Play.

  • Add the asset Button as the second Action and choose animation with the playback Play.

After saving you will see Tap to interact action in Space and by clicking the Door will be opened. The button will also play the press animation.

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