Hosting Events

As a World owner, you can host events such as presentations, workshops, and meetings, creating unique and immersive environments. Hosting events in the Metaverse opens up a world of possibilities for interaction, collaboration, and engagement.

How to Host an Event

  1. Initiate the Event: Make sure you're logged into your Space. From there, open the Menu, select Audience and tap Host Event. A unique room with a corresponding unique link will be automatically generated. You'll be redirected to this room, which is your event space.

  2. Invite Participants: Once you're in your event space, you can copy the unique link and share it with your guests. Up to 30 participants can join the event using this link.

Admin Rights in the Event Space

As the event host, you'll have admin rights in your event space, giving you control over various aspects of the event:

  • Speakers Management: You can mute or activate the audio chat for all guests, ensuring that presentations or discussions go smoothly.

  • Participant Management: You have access to the audience list, enabling you to manage participants effectively.

To do this simply open the menu and navigate to the audience section.

Closing the Event

Once your event is over:

  1. Go to the Menu and select "Leave Event". This will effectively close the event.

  2. After closing the event, you and all your guests will be automatically redirected to the main World link.

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