Choosing a subscription

W3rlds currently offers three managed subscription plans that allow users to create and customize worlds, assets and AR without the hassle of running their own server.

General billing information

  • The subscription is directly connected to the Profile. For every created profile you could manage different subscriptions.

  • Your credit card is automatically charged at the end of every subscription period (monthly or yearly) unless you cancel your subscription.

  • If thereโ€™s an issue with your card payment the subscription will expire - that just means weโ€™ll move your plan to Creator until youโ€™re ready to extend or choose a new plan.

Upgrading Your Subscription

You can easily upgrade your W3rlds to a paid plan at any time. To proceed with this go to Settings -> Team profile -> Billing -> Change plan. Then select the period and the plan, enter the card details and confirm the payment.

Cancel Your Subscription

You can cancel your paid subscription at any time.

To proceed with this go to Settings -> Team profile -> Billing -> Change plan.

Cancelling your subscription will turn off auto-renew and your W3rlds profile will downgrade to a Creator Plan. Any data in excess of the Creator Plan limit will not be deleted, but you will not be able to upload any new worlds and assets until your storage falls below the limit.

Supported regions

W3rlds currently does not support users located in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. All major credit card networks have announced that they are no longer providing services to Russian financial institutions. Additionally, Stripe will not process transactions involving sanctioned Russian financial institutions and does not support Mir. This means transactions involving Russian-issued cards are likely to be unsuccessful. We encourage you to ensure compliance with relevant sanctions regulations in your jurisdiction.

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