Adding Assets in Metaverse


All uploaded assets can be added right in World using the Space editor.

How to add an asset

  • If you are a world creator, there will be a button 'Space editor' in the Esc space menu.

  • In the Space editor select the Assets tab

  • Click Add new asset.

  • Choose the right asset from storage and click Select.

Once the content is added you can edit its position, scale, replace it with other content, or remove it from the space.

Replace asset

To replace the asset select the particular one, tap on the edit icon, and choose the new one.

Delete asset

To delete content, choose the right content item from the dropdown list and then tap on Delete.

Managing Asset cards

For each item, you can enable and disable the asset card. When the option is active, each asset will be active in Space and show the content card. When the option is disabled, the Asset is static or could be activated using Activities.

Video asset has specific behavior. If the option is active, the video will start playing once the cursor is on the video screen and pause when the cursor leaves. In the content card, the same principle works. If this option is disabled, the video will play continuously looped and without sound.


If the 3D asset has one or more animations the Default animations section appears you can manage options to play or leave the asset in a static position.


Portals allow you to stretch your customer journey across all the worlds you've created. To create a Portal between worlds,

  • Select the Portals tab in Assets,

  • Click Add a new portal,

  • Choose the desired world, and set the object inside that space.

Portals are available only between Worlds in particular User profile.

A Space preview and its name will appear inside the portal. When you travel through the portal you will appear at the spawn point of the next Space.

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