🔧0.12 Release notes

What's new

  • Brand new Multiplayer. Arhead has moved to its own multiplayer system. This means that users got unlimited environment scaling, flexible performance settings, and a better user experience. We will continue to improve the engine and introduce new options.

  • Custom Worlds loader background We continue to implement new features to fully customize your world. You can now upload any picture you want and set it as a background instead of the default world loader. The upload field can be found in the world settings.

  • New content cards We've reinvented the content cards for all objects in the storage. More options for creating detailed product descriptions and full customization of the content inside. Now you can add custom fields and definitions in addition to the main one, add a second button and rename them.

  • Advanced World settings We've added a new section in the World settings where you can configure additional restrictions, disable name input, and turn off voice chat if needed. More settings, more privacy and security.


  • [Fix] Fixed custom avatars for all environments

  • [FIx] Fixed RPM API.

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