Creating Avatars

W3rlds allows us to assign custom avatars to a particular world and set them as a default.

To attach a custom avatar you have to open the right World and upload the Avatar file in Settings. If a file has a correct skeleton, then the platform automatically replaces a default avatar for this World.

Tech requirements for avatars:

  • Humanoid proportions based on the provided skeleton;

  • Total file size should be 5-10 Mb;

  • Bones built with provided hierarchy;

  • Less than 15,000 polygons per model;

  • Topology created for animation;

  • Textures are collected in a minimum number of atlases;

  • Size of UV atlases not more than 1024x1024px;

  • bones and mesh transformations should be reset to 0 (Position, Rotation) and to 1 (Scale) for all XYZ axes

  • No more than 60 bones at all.

Setting up an avatar


We recommend limiting number of polygons by 50,000 for the entire model. As your avatar will be animated, we recommend adjust the topology in the places of bends (shoulders, elbows, wrists and knees) according to the examples below.


Textures can take up most of the final model. Try to use as few atlases as possible. We also recommend limiting the size of atlases to 1024x1024px.


For better animation performance, we recommend using this avatar as a reference and not altering its bone structures.

For faster setup, we recommend taking our skeleton as a base and performing the following actions:

  • Add a skeleton to your scene

  • Change the size of the model and proportions to fit our skeleton.

  • For better work with the skeleton, you need to place the bones on the skeleton. To do this we recommend removing all bones with the prefix “Right” in the name and placing the rest of the bones in needed places.

  • After, select all bones with the prefix “Left” and mirror them with the addition of the prefix “Right" in the title using the RMB - Symmetrize tool

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