💡0.17 Release notes

What's new

👉 Avatar control and interaction system From the current release, the cursor is now visible on the web and the view rotation control has been changed. The HUD and all world content is now clickable. We will continue to improve the interface to make it accessible to more users.

👉 New interface for interacting with content Instead of a preview of the content card, we begin to highlight the interactivity of the item itself. This approach should improve users' understanding of what assets in the space can be interacted with.

👉 Environment controls redesign All controls in the space editor are redesigned and grouped according to their purpose.

👉 Audio chat behavior is changed Just tap the button to start talking instead of holding it down!

Fixes and improvements

  • [Improvement] Slot list icons in the Space Editor now indicate the content type.

  • [Fix] Apple M1/M2 transparency issue.

  • [Fix] Falling down when the avatar is sitting.

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