W3rlds Wiki

0.8 Augmented reality

What's new

  • Augmented reality section Creators now available to upload 3d files and automatically create a Web AR content. User can setup name, banner options and observe analytics for every link.
  • Custom viewer Users are able to customize Web AR viewer and change button text, colors and preview image.
  • Login / Logout in Worlds
    Team has redesigned and improved Login / Logout experience in Worlds menu. account email and avatar now visible when user logged in.
  • Custom domains for Worlds Every World now can be assigned with custom domain connect right on the platform.


  • [Improvement] Creating 2D slot it's positioned vertically and facing the avatar
  • [Improvement] User stays logged in after refresh the Space page
  • [Improvement] New default environment lighting settings
  • [Improvement] System shows confirmation pop-up before deleting World
  • [Fix] Possibility to delete the slot if it's the only one in space
  • [Fix] The default first slot now focused for edit when switching to slots in editor mode
  • [Fix] Tab switсher between environment and Slot editor