Accounts & Profiles

There are two entities on the platform - an Account and a Profile. The Account is your personal information, login details, and privacy settings. The Profile is the workspace where you store your Worlds, Assets and AR.

Personal account

After creating a personal Account, you have the option of changing your name, email and changing your account password. To change this simply tap on your Avatar and go to the Settings page.

For every Account you can create Multiple profiles.

Understanding profiles

Profile is a collaborative workspace with its own subscription, team members and assets. Multiple profiles can be created for an account.

Creating profile

With the sign-up and setup of a new account, the first personal profile will be created by default. You can create new Profiles to cover different projects and manage subscriptions for each one.

To add a new Profile simply go to Settings -> Create profile -> Enter the Profile name -> Create.

To switch between your profiles, go to Settings -> Switch Profile.

Managing team

Collaborative work is available for each Profile. Each invited team member will see a shared workspace and will be able to upload and manage assets and worlds, as well as access the Space Editor for all worlds within that profile.

To manage the Profile team go to Settings -> Team profile -> Access.

There you will be able to add new users, and edit and delete existing members.

Only users existing on the platform can be added to the profile.

If someone has added you to their ะ—rofile, you will be notified and the profile will appear in the Switch profile list.

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