W3rlds Wiki

Space editor

Space editor is a powerful instrument to set up environment lighting and put different types of content in the World. To get access to Space editor click on login and enter your credentials. After that tap on Space editor.
Space editor has 3 common blocks:
  • Environment
  • Slots
  • Portals


The platform gives the opportunity to easily set up common light settings for the Space. Settings are separated into the following parts.
  • Skybox settings Affected sky and sun settings, regulate thickness, contrast, sun size, and colors.
  • Tri-light settings (Ambient) This option creates a simple three-point studio-style lighting setup.
  • Fog Setup density and fog color
Once the settings are set, you need to click Save to apply changes. All settings are saved immediately and by closing the Space editor, Creator same time and discovers the Space.


Creators can put into the space any content that is in storage.
To add content you need to choose a content slot type:
  • 2D images and videos
  • 3D objects
Select the right content from the Storage and tap Place. Use controls to move, rotate and scale objects. By clicking and holding outside controls you can move and change the camera position.
Click Save to apply changes before testing the Space.
Delete content
To delete content, choose the right content item from the dropdown list and then tap on Delete.


Portals allow you to stretch your customer journey across all the worlds you've created. To create a Portal between worlds, select the Portals tab, click add a new portal, select the desired world, and set the object inside that space.
A Space preview and its name will appear inside the portal. When you travel through the portal you will appear at the spawn point of the next Space.